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    As Craig Martin explains:

    Approach 1: Install OLSync on ILM 2007, then upgrade to FIM 2010

    If you already hav OLSync running on ILM then just upgrade to FIM 2010 and you'll probably find that the system just works, because:

    1. The FIM setup process will upgrade the ILM database

    2. The FIM setup process will take the stored copies of the DLLs from the database and drop them to the new FIM Sync Server

    3. FIM Sync can host the DLLs that were previously run by ILM, even tho they were running on x86 and are now running on x64

    Steps :

    1. Copy the ILM database to the SQL server running on the new box (x64)
    2. Install FIM Sync on the new box
    3. When FIM Sync Setup prompts you for database details, specify the SQL instance you copied the ILM database to
    4. Setup will upgrade the ILM database to FIM

    Approach 2: Perform the 'Extract Files' Install of OLSync the Import the Server Config in FIM Sync

    The 'Extract Files' option in the OLSync installation does minimal pre-req checking, and essentially drops the files from the MSI into a folder on your server.  You can use the resulting files to deploy OLSync to FIM Sync because those files include:

    1. 'Server Exports' which are just XML dumps of a sync server that can be imported into another server.

    2. The DLLs you need to put into the 'Extensions' folder on the FIM Sync server

    3. The XML files you need to put into the UIShell folder to make FIM understand the 'OLMA' management agent type

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