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  • Running MDT 2010, and I have set WSUS option in customsettings and enabled the Pre and Post application updates.  I have also approved all updates for unassigned computers and can see the new client in WSUS.

    When the task sequence runs it installs 1 update, reboots and then continues but doesnt ever install more updates.  Checking C:\Windows\SoftwareDeployment\reportingevents.log  I see that it only sees that 1 update as approved. It installs that then says "Windows Update Client successfully detected 0 updates"

    Trying to understand what I am missing here.  I also ran a /query only of the update script and here is the output:


    z:\Scripts>cscript ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf /query
    Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Property query is now =
    Microsoft Deployment Toolkit version: 5.1.1642.01
    Begin Windows Update. Reboot=[] Retry=[] Count = 0
    Property MSIT_WU_Count is now = 1
    Configuring Windows Update settings (manual update, use server)
    Windows Update Agent verion 6 found, OK to continue
    Ready to Opt-In to Microsoft Update: WUA Version: 7.5.7601.17514
    Registered Update Service: 9482f4b4-e343-43b6-b170-9a65bc822c77 Windows Update
    Registered Update Service: 3da21691-e39d-4da6-8a4b-b43877bcb1b7 Windows Server
     Update Service
    Microsoft Update Service: Enabled = False
    FindFile: The file could not be found in any standard locations.
     about to begin add service []
    Command Line Procesed Query=True Registered=False UpdateCommand=[IsInstalled =
    0 and IsHidden = 0]
    Start Search...
    Scan complete, ready to install updates. Count = 0
    This computer is up to date (Success)
    Property MSIT_WU_Count is now =
    Restore NoAutoUpdateKey to <empty>.
    ZTIWindowsUpdate processing completed successfully.

    I see the FindFile: could not be found error, but do not know how to fix that or if its causing my issue.


    Thanks for any help!

    Saturday, July 23, 2011 2:20 AM

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  • I think this is WSUS problem rather that MDT. Tio prove this, wait untill the build is complete. Copy this into a vbs script file and run it:


        Set updateSession = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.Session")
        Set updateSearcher = updateSession.CreateupdateSearcher()

        WScript.Echo "Searching for updates..." & vbCRLF

        Set searchResult = updateSearcher.Search("IsInstalled=0 and Type='Software'")
    '    Set searchResult = updateSearcher.Search("IsInstalled=0")
        WScript.Echo "List of applicable items on the machine:"

        For I = 0 To searchResult.Updates.Count-1
            Set update = searchResult.Updates.Item(I)
            WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> " & update.Title

        If searchResult.Updates.Count = 0 Then
     WScript.Echo "There are no applicable updates."
        End If

        WScript.Echo vbCRLF & "Creating collection of updates to download:"

        Set updatesToDownload = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.UpdateColl")

        For I = 0 to searchResult.Updates.Count-1
            Set update = searchResult.Updates.Item(I)
            WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> adding: " & update.Title

        WScript.Echo vbCRLF & "Downloading updates..."

        Set downloader = updateSession.CreateUpdateDownloader()
        downloader.Updates = updatesToDownload

        WScript.Echo  vbCRLF & "List of downloaded updates:"

        For I = 0 To searchResult.Updates.Count-1
            Set update = searchResult.Updates.Item(I)
            If update.IsDownloaded Then
                WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> " & update.Title
            End If

        Set updatesToInstall = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.UpdateColl")

        WScript.Echo  vbCRLF & "Creating collection of downloaded updates to install:"

        For I = 0 To searchResult.Updates.Count-1
            set update = searchResult.Updates.Item(I)
            If update.IsDownloaded = true Then
                WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> adding:  " & update.Title
            End If

        WScript.Echo "Installing updates..."
        Set installer = updateSession.CreateUpdateInstaller()
        installer.Updates = updatesToInstall
        Set installationResult = installer.Install()
        'Output results of install
        WScript.Echo "Installation Result: " & installationResult.ResultCode
        WScript.Echo "Reboot Required: " & installationResult.RebootRequired & vbCRLF
        WScript.Echo "Listing of updates installed " & "and individual installation results:"
        For I = 0 to updatesToInstall.Count - 1
            WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> " & updatesToInstall.Item(i).Title & ": " & installationResult.GetUpdateResult(i).ResultCode   
        If installationResult.RebootRequired = True then
            Set OpSysSet = GetObject("winmgmts:{(Shutdown)}//./root/cimv2").ExecQuery("select * from Win32_OperatingSystem where Primary=true")
            For each OpSys in OpSysSet
    '            OpSys.Reboot()
        End If



    This will pull all the updates approved for the OU the computer account site in. Check the ZTIwindowsupdate.log in C:\MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS. If this reflects what the script is doing then you need to check out WSUS.


    Monday, July 25, 2011 4:44 PM
  • I was having this same problem. When the machine boots up after deployment and you go to your WSUS server, do you see that machine name (probably generic) in the Computers > All Computers group or the Unassigned Computers group?

    You need to be sure that you approve them for "ALL Computers" or "Unassigned Computers." If you do not see that machine checking into WSUS, do you have the port (if you have a port) specified in the Customsettings.ini? If there is no port on the server, be sure you did not specify it in your .ini.

    WSUSServer=http://WSUSservername:Port ?

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    Monday, July 25, 2011 5:17 PM