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  • Environment: SharePoint Server 2010, Project Server 2010, SP2, DEC 2013 CU (Farm Build number: 14.0.7113.5001)


    1. Domain user has been added to the Active Directory group being synchronized with Project Server for the Team Members group.
    2. That user has participated as a team member in numerous projects, added documents, been assigned tasks, typical project stuff...
    3. Employee quits.
    4. AD account is deleted. (NOT deactivated or moved into another OU)
    5. Time passes...
    6. Employee gets rehired.  NEW AD account is set up: same display name, SamAccountName, email address, different GUID of course.
    7. Daily Active Directory job runs again and throws event ID 7734 and the sync ends with a partial fail.

    I understand why this is happening.  Solutions I've found point me to deleting the Enterprise Object resource in Project Server and then rerunning the sync.  Sure, this works BUT won't all of the previous documents, tasks, etc. be disassociated from that user?  If so, this is not ideal.

    2 questions:

    1. Is there a better way to deal with the fixing of the resource in Project Server to somehow link the old resource to the new resource allowing the sync to run successfully while still leaving the association to all old content intact?
    2. How are other organizations dealing with rehires when they have been added as resources in Project Server?  What is the best practice guidance from Microsoft on this?  Are other companies not actually deleting AD accounts when users leave organizations or are they putting them into a "ARCHIVE" OU or something like that? This happens at least half a dozen times a year at my company. We would like to keep our AD as clean as possible, but this appears to change our approach.

    Any suggestion/guidance is appreciated.

    Thursday, March 5, 2015 9:44 PM

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  • For the question to relink the new account to the account which is already available in Project Server. You will have to update the WRES_AD_GUID to Null for the the Resource in MSP_RESOURCES table in the published database.

    Whenever a users gets synchronized to the PWA his ADGUID, SAMAccountName, Display Name, Email Address and DepartmentName is Synchronized from AD to Project Server. When the user was deleted and recreated the ADGUID got changed. During the next sync, project found the user with similar properties but different ADGUID which was updated in WRES_AD_GUID column in MSP_RESOURCES table. Hence it says that there is a duplicate account in the table with the same properties but a different ADGUID

    Nullifying the WRES_AD_GUID column value in MSP_RESOURCES table should get the user synchronized to Project server in the next sync.

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    Friday, March 13, 2015 1:27 AM
  • We have a similar situation with a customer, but many of the resource values are already NULL. and don't get updated on the ERP Sync. 

    What do we do in this case ?

    There are 1668 resources in total and around 350 of them show a NULL AD GUID !

    Thursday, April 23, 2015 9:52 AM