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  • My media play doesn't see my the media files anymore.  When I moved the media files from the old XP system to the new Vista system, WMP saw them.  Now I don't have a library in WMP.  The media files still exist in the same location.  Error says "There are no items in this library yet -  the player is searching for digital media files in the background.  click here to add files to the library now."  I tell it to look in the correct locations, but doesn't pick up any of the files.  I go back to the add to library option and the locations I put in 10 seconds previously aren't there.  I can go to the individual files and play them through media player.  I just don't know why WMP doesn't see my library any more.  I'm thinking some file has to be corrupted.

    Any suggestions?

    Sunday, February 25, 2007 12:16 AM

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  • I'm having the exact same problem!!

    • But I haven't undergone any major additions or changes in my system lately the files just won't add to the library anymore. Like you said all the media is still there and it will even play in media player when I select them out of the original folders they're in but it will not add them to the library!
    • The only thing I can think is this could be a compatability issue with iTunes that's currently installed and regularly updates itself.?
    •  I'm running Win XP sp 2, and have about 40gb of space left on the drive.
    • MY MUSIC WON"T STAY IN THE FOLDER!!!! I did try rolling back to WMP 10 and everything worked fine again, but I want to be able to use WMP 11's feaures.


    Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:50 PM