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  • I want to put in place a FIM 2010 infrastructure to support 650 users.  We want to synchronize data from 1 SQL database (HR) and 2 different AD forest.  I can guess it's going to be low intensity usage for sure on that server compare to other company who manages tens of thousands of users.

    So for my topology, I was thinking of installing FIM Portal, FIM Service and FIM Sync all on the same physical box.  My 2 SQL databases (FIMService and FIMSync) would be located on a different machine, a SQL 2008 cluster.

    So first question:  so far is this a good setup for a small environment like ours or do I really need to separate FIM Sync from the other two services?

    Also, we want a disaster recovery option.

    So the second question: Can I install a standby server with the FIM Portal, FIM Service and FIM Sync, to which I could failover if I need to.

    And last question: I know I can't do a NLB Cluster with the FIM Sync service so what would be the failover method?

    So if anyone wants to give his thoughts about my 3 questions, I would be grateful.


    Friday, May 14, 2010 7:59 PM


  • Below are my takes on your questions:

    1-      Your topology based on your load is sound. One consolidated server is enough for what you need.

    2-      As for your disaster recovery option, since you already hosting all your FIM databases on SQL 2008 cluster SQL you are almost there. You can have a standby server and if anything happen to your active FIM, point your stand by server to your SQL Cluster and with minor work you will be done. Although NLB is not officially supported,  it will work with FIM 2010

    Anyway to further explore your options, please take a look at FIM 2010 Technical Overview in technet as it contains many disaster recovery options topologies

    Hope that help

    Best Regards, Issam Andoni http://zevainc.com/andoni
    Saturday, May 15, 2010 10:53 AM