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    I have a cube for fixed asset.

    I have several calculated measures that I use in the script.

    One of the script causes a problem.

    If I show the calculated measure in the cube - the value is displayed correct.

    When I assign the calculated measure in the script the value is #VALUE (in excel).

    All the other assign values by the script are working fine.

    The scope:



    SCOPE ([Measures].[Test Amount]);   

    this works -->    SCOPE  ([AssetNote].[Note].&[4]);  

            THIS = ([Measures].NoteAquisitionUltimo);  
        END SCOPE;  

    this are showing the #VALUE -->     SCOPE   ([AssetNote].[Note].&[6]);  
            THIS =  ([Measure].NoteDepreciationPrimo); 
        END SCOPE; 

    And the next scopes are also showing there values correctly ??

    And even creating the measures as 

    CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Measures].NoteDepreciationPrimo

    FORMAT_STRING = "#,##.00", 
    VISIBLE = 1  ;   

    I get the error #VALUE!  (in danish excel #VÆRDI!). The measure shows correctly 100.

    Could any one out there kindly be of any help, then it will be greatly appreciated :-)



    Monday, June 15, 2015 9:39 AM