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  • I am setting up a new network for 10 users and they will need to have access to folders like Admin, HR, Sales, etc and just wondering whats the best solution these days, in the past I've always done Option 1 (see below) but with Cloud storage getting cheaper and more secure I'm struggling to decide.

    Option 1

    File Server with shared folders (set permissions too) and have a folder redirection so each users Documents is stored on the file server too. Then the file server is backed up daily to the cloud.


    Option 2

    Each user has cloud storage setup on their PC so folders sync straight to cloud and have access to the shared folders they need.

    Each options have advantages Im just looking for peoples experiences and what they recommend, thanks

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  • Hi!

    Both options are valid, I have not used option 2 myself but I've heard many using it.

    What my concern is the user's own documents folder that may contain sensitive data and therefore the cloud option is a bit of a question mark but this is entirely up to you or your management. You also did mention Sales & HR, specially HR is something that often contains very sensitive data.

    I'm not saying the cloud is not secure, it surely is, but people have different opinions about it, is this decision up to you or the management?

    Make sure they are aware of these things :-)

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    Wednesday, May 30, 2018 2:39 PM