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  • Hi everyone,

    How can I make a group of receive Locations filtered from a Custom Property (Ex: AccountName) or from Description  ??

    For Example:

    I have an application that have 200+ Receive Locations (RL) and are constantly growing.

    We have 2 types of priorities in the resolucion of problems in this RL's, critical and not so critical.

    For Critical RL's our operator team must resolve the problem (or forward it) in 2 hours top on a 24/7 scenario.

    For the not so critical RL's we could solve the problem in the next business day during the morning.

    My idea is to create a group with all the Receive Locations that have this Critical Rule and set a subscription for this group.

    To define this group I thought I could set a string in the description of the RL (if critical) and then filter in the group by this field, but in the filter criteria of the group (for RL's) they don't have the description property, so I thought I could set the custom Configuration Property AccountName (since most of the critical RL's are FTP or SFTP and they have this Custom property) but didn't work properly.

    Were constantly adding new receive locations to this application and it is client requirement that this ports are monitored automatically. We can't afford using explicit discovery due to time constraints. 

    Is it possible to define a custom property as a filter in this group?

    Do any of you have a solution for this king of problems ?

    Thanks in advanced 

    Pedro Figueiredo

    Friday, September 14, 2012 9:04 AM


  • Hello Pedro,

    In this scenarion, I think the follwing article could be helpful:

    How to Create a Custom Attribute in Operations Manager 2007

    When creating a group, you can use the predefined attributes or create a new attribute that is based on data such as a common registry value. To dynamically populate a group based on a custom attribute, you can use the procedures in the article above to first create the custom attribute and then create a group whose membership is based on having that custom attribute.


    Yog Li

    TechNet Community Support

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