File with 4500 lines crashes on project 2013 RRS feed

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    I have mpp file with 4500 tasks and connection that was created in msp 2010.

    in msp 2010 there is no problam to work with the file and the program doesn't crashe or stucks.

    in msp 2013 standart (with sp1)  i can open the file but the i can't work on it. it's crashes again & again. 

    it happens in very diffrent ways: when i am trying to add new column to the view the it's stuck, when i am pressing keyboard arrows to jumping to next lines it's stucks and crashes , when i am edting any text columns and so on... when it's stucks i need to close the program and it's crashes. it looks like a memory problam but it's also happens in diffrent computers with msp 2013 and i have computer with lots more then the system rquirement  of msp 2013.

    in adddition, it tryed to create new file with all the content the olds with many diffrent ways: copy-past summary task to new file,export to excel the exisiting file and copy column by column to new mpp file. and allways becomes slower and finally got stuck and crashes.

    when i copy from exported excel file (with task name,duration, predeccesors) to new mpp file the problames starts when i copy the predeccesors columns. 

    I copied the column of the predecessor in packages of 10 lines at a time to find out when the file begins to be problematic. And it starts to crashes and havee some stוcking and icaps as soon as I go through the line 100 in the file. Is it possible there is a problem of the relations between activities MSP 2010 know and understand them and MSP 2013 do not understand ?? Is it possible that MSP 2013 not supports 4500 activities?

    please help me !! i don't know where is the problam and i don't know why it's happen in new file too.

    Wednesday, March 25, 2015 11:42 AM

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