Hyperlink does not work after saving Word 2007 doc as PDF


  • I created a Word 2007 document and added a hyperlink to a website (e.g When I save the doc as a PDF the link the hyperlink does not work. When I hold the cursor over the link it shows "URI:" but I can't click on it.

    When I tried creating an XPS file the link works fine.

    I tried the same process on my wife's PC and the link in the PDF doc works fine.

    Both systems are Office 2007 and run on Windows 7.

    Any help would be apprciated :-)

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  • Solution:

    After comparing the setting between the two systems I noticed that on my system the default PDF format is PDF/A option was checked. Click Options button when the Save As window opens and uncheck that option. The hyperlinks now work correctly. I have never touched this setting so not sure why mine was checked but at least this explains the problem.

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