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    I've found Windows 7 present a problem with the gadgets that is driving crazy many people, and testing I've isolated the problem. I need to report this to Microsoft, but I don't know whom to contact?

    Introduction to the problem:

    • Certain gadgets in Windows 7 don't work anymore, they are shown strange, with white boxes, or they don't act normally. This happens under certain conditions and situations.


    • The PRESENTATION gadget that is coming with Windows 7 (when activated) makes other gadget work wrong and cause incompatibility with other gadgets.

    Steps to reproduce the problem:

    This problems only happen when the presentation gadget is activated, and when other gadgets are active. Particularly, happens with these 2 gadgets: Siderchip and Facebook explorer.

    1. Activate the PRESENTATION gadget that is coming by default with Windows 7 and place it in the desktop. It will be showing photographs.

    2. Download and activate the gadget Facebook explorer (available here):


    3. Download and activate the gadget Siderchip (a Twitter gadget, available here):


    4. Now you'll have these 2 gadgets in the screen. Please, log in to your facebook account, and Twitter account (log in into your accounts inside these gadgets) in order these two gadgets begin to work normally showing the relevant information in the screen.

    5. Use your computer normally.

    6. Restart it or just shut down it.

    7. Next time you turn on your computer, or after restarting it, you will realize these 2 gadgets are not working anymore when the PRESENTATION gadget is activated. Other gadgets, will have a strange behaviour. For example, the clock gadget will appear duplicated in the screen if you drag and drop this gadget to the desktop. Also the facebook explorer and siderchip gadget won't work fine. They will be shown with white boxes and won't present correctly the information in the screen.

    This happens as a result of having activated the PRESENTATION gadget, that is coming by default with Windows 7


    The information have been verified and I invite you to test it accordingly and report as urgent as possible to the Windows 7 development team, to correct this problem in the next windows update, to solve incompatibility problems that are disturbing many users.




    Certain gadgets are not working and are not shown in Windows 7, for example RoDin's Retro Clocks -2 gadget is not shown. Seems to be there are some gadgets that according the language settings of the system, are not shown. If we have a Windows 7 from USA showing English, the gadget is shown, if we have a Windows 7 from Spain showing Spanish, the gadget is not shown.

    This is also a known problem, and happens with certain gadgets, for example the famous clocktopias (clocks for windows 7):

    I invite you to test this gadget (RoDin's Retro Clocks -2) in a Windows 7 with the Spanish version (from Spain, Europe) of Windows 7, you'll see it is not working.

    This problem should be fixed in a next update.

    The gadget is available here:


    Steps to reproduce the problem:

    1. Download and install this gadget in a Windows 7 (European version, Spanish from Spain).

    2. The gadget will be installed but won't be in the screen.



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  • Please see: Microsoft Windows 7 Feedback
    Carey Frisch
    Wednesday, November 30, 2011 7:40 PM
  • Please see: Microsoft Windows 7 Feedback
    Carey Frisch
    I am sorry, but the provided link only allows to report compatibilty issues due software, but not gadgets. It forces you to select the application causing problems, from a huge list, and not indicating a brief memo of it, so that link don't allow me to report to Microsoft about this issue.
    Friday, December 2, 2011 1:38 AM