Performance Issues in my Scorecard RRS feed

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  • Team,

      I have created a cube that has a dimension with a user created hierarchy:

           Person Name

      When I run the results of this cube in VS 2008, this hierarchy is really fast, no performance issues whatsoever.

      My end goal is to get it to work in a PerformancePoint 2010 scorecard.  I have created the KPI in PerformancePoint and "connected" the KPI to a PerformancePoint scorecard.  When I associate the hierarchy above to the scorecard as a row, the performance for retrieving data becomes painfully slow.  The DayOfWeek level loads with no real issues, but as you try to "drill down" it gets slower...the PersonName level is really not usable.

      I think this is just an issue of not truly understanding how everything works together in PerformancePoint.  My hunch is that when I'm building my results in VS 2008, everything is connected & working together.  Where as in PerformancePoint, the KPI is seperate from the dimension members you drag onto the scorecard.  So when you are drilling down through a dimension member, it's like it's pulling back all the rows for that dimension, and then filtering them against the KPI.

      Do I need to be smarter in constructing my KPI?  Are there any tricks to get the dimensions to be more in sync with the KPI?

    As always, any help I can get could be greatly appreciated...

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011 2:15 PM


  • OK it's definitely bringing back all the rows...I have the scorecard set to filter empty rows, so that when you look at it in SharePoint I was only seeing the pertinent rows.  However, looking at the Scorecard in PerformancePoint, it shows you all the empty rows and they are "redded out" to let you know they won't be visible in SharePoint.  
    Tuesday, August 23, 2011 3:07 PM