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  • This problem started last Wednesday, the 12th, out of the ordinary. I went to bed the night before with it working fine, turned it on the morning after and started having this problem. Basically, when I turn the computer on, the fan is working, the LED on the tower works, but there is no display on the monitor, and the disk drive started playing up as well, the laser normally moves to the disk part, beeps then goes back, then the computer will properly boot up, but now the laser doesn't manage to get all the way to the disk part, just keeps going back and forth, I've tried cleaning it but still nothing. BUT now and again the computer would boot and I could use it in Safe Mode, but now it does the things I've mentioned above and never displays anything on the monitor.

    I've tried phoning Microsoft but they said there would be a charge of £65 just for technical support as Windows XP has been out of warranty for all systems for 2 years apparently.

    Is there some sort of device which I could buy to test for hardware failures? How do people in computer shops find problems if the monitor doesn't display a picture or the computer doesn't switch on?

    It's so annoying. I appreaciate any help given, thanks.

    Thursday, September 20, 2012 2:31 PM

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  • Hi Daniel, it sounds like you are having a hardware problems. Not a Windows problem. At this point, does Windows boot in Safe Mode? You will going to have to narrow down your search to find the cause of the problem. Try this :


    1) Remove all CDs or DVD or any optical media. To be sure, Disconnect the DVD ROM (disconnect IDE or SATA cable). : Is the display ok? If not :

    2) Are you using a VGA card? If you have internal VGA built in, take out the VGA card and configure BIOS to use internal VGA. : Is the display ok? If not :

    3) Take out all PCI cards, VGAs and RAMs. Rub the copper connector on each cards and RAMs using an eraser : Is the display ok? If not :

    4) Can you go into safe mode? If can, remove / uninstall all Graphics drivers you can find. Also uninstall it from the Device Manager. : Is the display ok? If not :

    5) Last option; try to boot from a Windows CD and rebuild the machine with fresh OS. If rebuilding the OS are successful but booting Windows still gives you blank display; you might be having memory problems. Try to replace your Memory. : Is the display ok? If not :

    You actually narrowed down your search of finding you problems. There's only 2 possibilities now : Motherboard failure or Power Supply Unit failure. If your power supply unit not supplying enough flow to your mainboard, it normally wont display anything that is highly graphical output. Try to replace that first before you conclude that you need a new Mainboard :). Computer shops have parts replacement for them to test out each parts.. they will surely come out with answers :)

    Saturday, September 22, 2012 4:16 AM
  • I think it is the Motherboard and Power Supply. I am taking it to a shop today to see what the problem is. Thanks for your help.
    Monday, September 24, 2012 9:46 AM