Connecting in place farm to DBs from another farm RRS feed

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  • We have two instances of PS 2010 running in a Prod Farm and a Test Farm.  The SP (enterprise) Installation in Test is completely bare bones.  Test was created as a Project Server test instance.

    Prod Farm:

    1 APP

    2 WFE

    1 SQL

    Test Farm:

    1 APP

    1 SQL

    Backed Up the following DBs from Production and Restored to Test

    Project Archive

    Project Publish

    Project Reporting

    Project Production

    Project Server Content

    WSS Content

    SharePoint Config

    After doing so I was not able to connect to Central Admin in Test.  Services are running App Pools are started.

    At this point I believe I need to delete/uninstall SP and PS from my Test App Server, reinstall them, create PS Web Application and attach them to the appropriate PS DBs.

    What is the correct process to do this? And how do I uninstall SP and PS since I cannot access CA?  I'd imagine this is the process.

    Unisntall SharePoint

    Uninstall Project Server

    Delete all DBs from SQL

    Install SP

    Install PS

    Restore Project Archive, Project Production, Project Reporting, Project Publish and WSS Content DB from Prod to Test

    Open CA -> Create new web application with exact name as production.  In this case /projectserver.

    In CA provision Project Server.  Make sure DBs that are listed while provisioning match name of the DBs we brought over from Production.

    IIS Reset /nofroce

    What steps am I missing or need to change?  We have some custom in house development solutions in project.  Do I also need to being over Project Server Content to have all the project sites available as well?

    Thanks for your help.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016 9:01 PM