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  • Hi,

    I hope I can get here an answer to my question although it for Edge browser and not IE8-IE11…

    According to Microsoft documentation “Microsoft Edge” browser supports old websites by opening them in IE11 browser using the “Enterprise mode list”, as written in the documentation:

    Compatibility: Microsoft Edge lets you click back to Internet Explorer 11 for sites that are on your corporate intranet or included on the Enterprise Mode Site List. 

    I installed the “Enterprise Mode Site List Manager” tool on windows10 and added a website to the list and set it to run in “IE5 Document Mode”.

    I also did the steps for enabling the IE11 to support Enterprise Mode.

    When I open the site in IE11 – I see that indeed it is opened in IE5 quirks mode, but when I open it in “Edge” browser – nothing happens.

    Actually – I don’t understand from the documentation what should I expect to happen – does “Edge” browser reads the enterprise mode list and when browsing to a web site from the list which requires compatibility support – it would open automatically the IE11 browser?  - If so – this doesn’t happen.

    Did I miss any step?

    Thank You and Best Regards,


    Tuesday, June 30, 2015 8:16 AM


  • Hi Maya,

    Please see

    MS Edge Developer Blog

    IE Blog - Announcing improvements to IE Enterprise Mode

    use IE11 and Enterprise mode or x-ua meta or headers to manage your legacy intranet assets' backward compatibility.

    Use MS Edge for viewing internet web sites... MS Edge ignores x-ua meta and headers and MSCompatibility view lists settings and does not support quirks features and addons and is plugins 'free'.

    MS Ebooks - Introducing Windows X

    If you’re wondering what happened to Internet Explorer, you’re not alone. Many line-of-business apps in enterprise deployments require Internet Explorer. Some apps require versions older than Internet Explorer 11, which will be the only supported version as of January 2016. The good news for IT pros in those challenging enterprise environments is that Internet Explorer will continue to be available in Windows 10, with Enterprise Mode available as a feature for ensuring that older apps work properly. You can read more details about this two-browser strategy in Chapter 6, “Web browsing and Windows 10.”


    Wednesday, July 1, 2015 1:30 AM