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  • Hi peoples Im newbie in Sql server 2005 and learning  Here is my problem:

    I have:

    Table1------ Complaint_Types-------

    TypeID       int PK
    Type          VarChar

    Table2 ----Members----------

    MemberID       Int Pk

    MemberName  VarChar

    Roomnumber  VarChar

    Table3 ----Computers----------

    ComputerID             Int Pk

    ComputerDescription VarChar

    MemberID                Int Fk

    Table4 ----Techs----------

    TechID          Int Pk

    TechName     VarChar

    HireDate       DateTime

    Table5 ----Complaints----------

    TypeID                Int Fk

    MemberID            Int Fk

    ComputerID          Int Fk

    TechID                Int Fk

    Description          VarChar

    PostDate            DateTime

    ResolvedDate      DateTime


    I Need:

    1- Idea to Get data from related Tables

    2- Insert / Update all Tables

    3- Calculate Date Time Feilds 

    eg: Complaints in current month

        Complaints in last year

        Time Consumed on a Complaint (Return date Postdate) in Days, hours,minutes

    if any body have a working example in vb.net in form of windows Forms or Asp.net please Let me Know

    any type of help welcomed


    Rashed Nadeem



    Monday, January 22, 2007 6:47 AM


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