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    I am trying to put together a list of arguments of why we should sequence software or should use MSI repackaging for the software. It is a new environment and we will "package" about 100 applications. The applications will be presented on desktops and ts. Here's what I have come up with so far.. any additions ? or comments ?





    * No pollution OS

    * No IE possible

    * No application conflicts

    * No drivers ( need to be installed locally )

    * Simple upgrade ( active upgrade )

    * No OS updates

    * Bandwidth efficient ( RTSP )

    * No Anti-virus software


    * Interaction between bubbles ( DSC not mature yet )

    * Different versions of soft together ( Java, Office )


    * Roaming users / hotelling


    * Easier life-cycle management of software


    * Simple recovery of desktop


    * Smoother OS migration and patching


    * Less helpdesk calls



    MSI packaging



    * Known technology ( more experience )

    * Needs conflict resolution ( through Wise )

    * Hardware dependent installations possible

    * Slower deployment , complexer rollback

    * App and updates are delivered in this format .MSI

    * Some apps are not TS compliant

    * Patching can occur through WUS ( for MS apps )

    * Pollution of OS 


    Thanks in advance

    Tuesday, July 29, 2008 2:32 PM


  • Hello,


    Quite good list you have there, and as you already know, whether or not to use virtual apps vs. any local deployment largely depends on how you value or weight those points in your list. And also little bit on what's the environment looking like etc. In the end, most likely you have to do bit of both if there's problematic enough applications as virtual apps cannot cater for all needs.


    Anyways, one point in your list, "Patching can occur through WUS ( for MS apps )" is maybe little bit both the pro and the con. What I mean by that is that while patching can be done through automatic updates (only for MS apps as you point out), I still think that centralized SoftGrid style patching is actually "better" than having to rely on updates properly going to all clients successfully. And besides, it's hardly a MSI -specific Pro -point, rather than pro-Microsoft software point ;-)




    Tuesday, August 5, 2008 6:36 PM