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  • I had already asked a question related to this and having a little more problem in this

    i had created the schema in following link!3/1fcdb/7

    the query works for me. But there is a problem. Data in database may change time to time. in some time there will not be any engr posted if it is okey. when engr is posted then the output changes.

    i use a code for the different grade people in a company

    1-3 are Engrs, 4-5 are Supdt, 6 and above are Mechanic

    i dont want to count Engrs from the table i want to count Supdt & Mechanic only it means the KDPR>=4-5 (Supdt) and kdpr>=6 (Mechanic)  should only be counted in this

    I am a System Administrator at Vadodara

    Thursday, May 29, 2014 5:07 PM

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