can MDT preserve user profile information from an existing Win7 machine before it installs Win10? RRS feed

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  • Can MDT be used to upgrade computers from Win7 to Win10 while preserving the user's profile and any OS/Application history that is kept in C:\Users\Profile, or the registry?  In other words, can it 

    1. take a snapshot of the user's profile/history/etc from the current Win7 machine

    2. install a custom build of Windows 10 (that we create initially with our software/drivers/configs) - NOTE: I dont want to upgrade the Win7 machine. I want a fresh, clean copy of Win10.

    3. restore the user's profile/history/etc so that it appears it was an upgrade (but it wasn't).

    We use a combination of Ghost and Altiris to do this today and it doesnt work well.


    Tuesday, November 6, 2018 7:28 PM