Server 2012 - Connectivity issues - "This page can't be displayed"


  • I'm trying to get up and running on Server 2012 with one host server and 2 virtual machines. On all instances I'm having issues connecting to certain external servers. For example, if I go to or, I get a "This page can't be displayed" message. I can connect to other sites just fine (e.g., When I fire up telnet the behavior is the same... "telnet 80" gets a "could not open connection to host", while "telnet 80" returns the html.

    I do not believe this is a DNS issue since nslookup resolves just fine. I've tried disabling the IE protection and the firewall to no avail. 

    I have dependencies on external services that are currently unreachable, so this is a major showstopper. The problem is the same on all 3 machines (1 host + 2 virtual). No other machines in my LAN have this problem.


    Thanks in advance


    Wednesday, June 26, 2013 10:07 PM