Trouble with Multi value using oData, SharePoint2013 and ProjectServer2013 RRS feed

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  • Hello TechNet users,

    I hope you can help me out with an issue (maybe BUG?) I’ve run into using my ProjectOnline and  ProjectServer2013 environments.

    Here’s the scenario:

    I have a Project Ideation list in SharePoint2013 (as described in Christophe’s blog

    The list has a look-up field that looks for information on another SharePoint list. This field is called “Division” and it looks at the “Division” list for content. The field is multi value, so people can choose more than one Division for their project idea.

    I can now create a project and map the field to a custom field in project that is also multi value enabled and uses a lookup table with the same values. The resulting project has exactly what I expect to see. I can build an oData feed from the project and use the field in my pivot tables and such.

    Here’s the tricky part:

    I need 2 multi value fields in my idealist. Let’s call the second field “Applications”. I’ll build another SharePoint2013 list that has all applications, and I’ll make a field that looks at this list for its content. Then I enable multi value for this field. I’ll also build a Custom field and lookup table matching the information in PWA.

    So now I have a Project Ideation list that will have 2 fields that have the option of more than one value.

    I make a new item with 2 divisions and 3 applications: Div_1 and Div_2 and App_1, App_2, App_3. Creating the item doesn’t show any strange values.

    I create a project from this listitem. Mapping the fields to the corresponding fields in PWA. Again the data seems to be migrated correctly.

    BUT! When I create a oDatafeed from the fields I’ll get this:

    The field “divisions” shows: Div_1, Div_1, Div_2, Div_2

    The field “Applications” shows: App_1, App_1, App_2, App_2, App_3, App_3

    What happened with my data? All imput is double, sometimes even tripled or more. Does anyone have a clue? I cannot use this information in my reports.


    Friday, July 26, 2013 1:26 PM

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