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  • We are currently monitoring a series of virtual machines at a location. The ESX server is divided into 4 Linux host and 1 Windows 2012 server. We are seeing that the o/s management pack(RHEL 6 and Windows server 2012) are not accurately detecting cpu levels.

    I have seen three possibilities:

    1)3rd party vendor Management pack

    I saw one blog suggesting that we use this management pack:

    Veeam - system center management pack - VMware hypervisor

    Due to licensing costs, this is going to be feasible.  Is there any product available from Microsoft?

    2)SNMP traps - this is also not feasible.  We have security concerns sending SNMP traps from the site location to the data center and we would also have to do a testing and large rollout to configure the ESX to send SNMP traps.

    3)Windows Event logs

    We are now looking at ways to pull the Event logs out of central Vcenter server in our data center.  Evidently the central Vcenter server logs all of the Vcenter events for all the ESX hosts.  Sorry if I am not defining this correctly - Vcenter central server.

    Thursday, May 19, 2016 12:57 PM


  • Hi,

    I have used the Veeam MP and it is quite good and you are right - it comes at a good price.
    I have also read about the second approach (discover the vCenter as SNMP capable device) and get alarms with SNMP traps, but cannot tell you if this works well. Nevertheless this is also not an option for you so let's continue.

    With the third options I suppose you mean vCenter Alarms? 

    No matter which method you pick (except the Veeam MP) you will have a hard time getting CPU utilization for the VMs in a correct manner. It will be also difficult to define tresholds and have really up-to-date data.

    If I were you I would investigate why the RHLE and the Windows Server MPs are not gettings the CPOU utilization properly. This would be (in my opnion) far more easy then to find another way of getting the data. You must also be careful when comaprung CPU values, as VMWare uses different approach in measuring CPU.

    I would compare the values, reported by the OS MP and then use Performance Monitor within the OS to comapre the values.

    You can also go and build your own monitor or rule and check the returned values for CPU utilization. Then compare to the counters within the VM.

    Hope this helps. Regards,

    Stoyan (Please take a moment to "Vote as Helpful" and/or "Mark as Answer" where applicable. This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognizes useful contributions. Thanks!)

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