Word 2010 template automation; replacing logos and choosing text to populate RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I recently started work in a position where there are 22 Word 2010 templates used by the company.  The company has decided to divide into 4 business units and brands each template accordingly, thus, those 22 have just become 88 templates to manage (ridiculous) where each business unit uses a unique logo, header/footer, and advanced properties.  As a result, I'm trying to improve the way the whole documentation system works, thus, my question is two-fold:  

    1. Is there a way of automating the branding changes, so that there can be a single 'set' of templates where users can click a button, run a macro, choose from a drop down list, etc to replace the branding (logo, header/footer) with their appropriate business unit branding?

    2. On a similar note, is there a better way to limit the number of templates in the 'set' all together, so that there are primary templates where users can select content/headings to populate the template based on the document they are creating.  For example, our business is sofware development, we have templates for the entire software dev flow - requirements docs, design docs, etc - is there a way to say something like I'm creating a requirements doc, so populate the document with the SRS heading fields I require, or the Design document headings, etc.....

    Not a part of my job requirement to do this task, however, a problem I'd like to find a better solution to. 

    I haven't needed to do any macro/template development since Word 2003; so I'm not sure if there are new functionalities that can provide some of the things we need, if it requires coding, etc. I guess I'm asking, what are the best ways to streamline our range of templates and how do I go about learning to do it. I've been googling for days, but struggling to even find where to start.  

    My other 'issues' include a work force that is located around the world and often not online, and several that have just decided to go out and buy Macs!

    Your assistance, ideas, advice will be very appreciated.



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