Project Online and TFS Integration >Duration is cleared on Refresh RRS feed

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  • HI - I have Project Online (not Project Server or PWA) and am using Tasks created/managed in TFS to work my schedule in Project Online. When I use the 'Refresh' from the Project Client, it's puling in refreshed data, but it's clearing all my 'Duration' values to zero. I don't see that 'Duration' is a field that's mapped to anything so it seems that TFS/Project should be respecting the current values. Here is the exact repro:

    1. Select all Tasks in a saved query in TFS 2012 Ulitmate and choose 'Open in Project'

    2. Create a Project plan with the tasks in my client based version of Project 2013 on my local machine

    3. Use the File>Sync with SharePoint and  create a new SharePoint with new Tasks or use an existing (it repros in both cases)

    4. The list of Tasks and SharePoint site is created

    5. As items are updated in TFS, I open Project 2013 (the local client) and click on 'Team' tab from the Ribbon, select 'Refresh'

    6. Because I don't want to update any of the TFS items with info from Project, I am selecting not to Publish before refreshing.

    7. Refresh works, new items are added to my Project, but all 'Duration' values for existing Tasks in the Project are cleared to zero.

    Is there a way to preserve the Duration values on the Project side as I do the refresh?



    Monday, September 23, 2013 4:17 PM