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    Can anyone tell me who sat down and thought of  this over complicated system.

    xmas day wife give me a 64bit lappy wow I am excited.. By  the end of the day wife is upset as she caught me using my ten year old thinkpad with keys missing instead. reason is Puppy linux Lupo is easier to use. faster, more user friendly. Better still all applications are quick to use. Easy to find and they have small foot prints.

    Windows 8 lets look at it shall we. Lovely looking but try and find a calculator or even reboot the system, lets not mention using the webcam. I tried to bring up the calender but gave up after waiting for it to pop up. Same goes for finding your way around the system. Ok you gave us a frontend screen, you had the chance there to install a menu system. No you decided to stick with a system tray that is as much use as a dead cat. And as for all those apps who the heck wants them.just as easy to install bookmarks on your browser for most of them.

    Ubuntu is perhaps where you should look. Note the ease of use of the front end. How easy  it is to navigate.Surely with all your rescources you can come up with more that one OS.

    why cant you produce a seperate OS for each type of device. Perhaps a puppy derivitive for old machines as an example.

    It is  painfully obvious my 64 bit machine runs like  donkey with your system so sorry to say. I will be installing puppy on my 64 bit lappy.. Now surely that is enough for you to realise that just because your Microsoft, doesnt mean your unapproachable.Do a survey, perhaps employ Barry K the founder of puppy and see where your product goes.

    Already linux is close up your rear, it will not be long before your wondering why you never took note of whats really  is happening in the home computinng market.

    How many project managers do you have with fantastic resources and not one of them it seems has the balls to stand up and say the present OS is pretty but not really functional for experienced users who want ease of use,not pretty apps.

    Once again I say look at linux and see what they do with such small footprints.


    Saturday, December 28, 2013 11:20 AM