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  • I had installed Sangoma FXS A200 analog card on HP SBM.I'm trying to route the analog line using the PSTN.Please do advise how i modify my routing rules in PSTN rules.I'm able to receive inbound call but not able to do outbound call.I'm receiving invalid number and recently no route to destination cause errors.Do advise how i can modify my pstn rules for analog and FXS

    Analog Routing rules


    <!-- SIP OUT TO sip:dnis@localhost:5067 -->
      <rule name="primary_sip_out_Analog" outbound_interface="pstn"
        <condition param="transfer" expr="false"/>
        <condition param="pstn.in.channelName" expr="b2.*"/>
        <condition param="pstn.in.dnis" expr="(.*)"/>
        <condition param="pstn.in.ani" expr="(.*)"/>
        <condition param="pstn.in.callerName" expr="(.*)"/>
        <condition param="pstn.in.ani.presentationIndicator" expr="allowed"/>
        <out_leg name="" media_type="sendrecv">
          <param name="pstn.out.channelGroup" expr="default"/>
          <param name="pstn.out.phoneNumber" expr="%0"/>
          <param name="pstn.out.phoneNumber.type" expr="0"/> 
          <param name="pstn.out.phoneNumber.numberingPlan" expr="1"/>
          <param name="pstn.out.ani" expr="%1"/>
          <param name="pstn.out.ani.type" expr="2"/>
          <param name="pstn.out.ani.numberingPlan" expr="1"/>

          <!-- Optional ISDN parameters -->
          <!-- <param name="pstn.out.ani.presentationIndicator" expr="0"/> -->
          <!-- <param name="pstn.out.ani.screeningIndicator" expr="0"/> -->
          <!-- 4ESS/5ESS ISDN specific parameters -->
          <!-- <param name="pstn.out.networkSpecific.feature" expr="6"/> -->
          <!-- <param name="pstn.out.networkSpecific.service" expr="3"/> -->
          <!-- <param name="pstn.out.networkSpecific.identification"  expr="ATT"/> -->
          <!-- <param name="pstn.out.networkSpecific.identification.type" expr="1"/> -->
          <!--<param name="pstn.out.networkSpecific.identification.plan" expr="7"/> -->


        FXS routing rules:
        Before the Quick Setup, this routing rule contains the token
        XX_FXS_PHONE_NUMBERS_XX that will be replaced at the end of the Quick
        Setup by the string xxx|yyy|zzz|... where xxx, yyy and zzz are the phone
        numbers of the FXS interfaces that were chosen by the user. When adding FXS
        interfaces from the PSTN config tab or when the phone numbers of some
        interfaces are changed, the user will need to add/modify them directly in
        this routing rule.
      <rule name="default_analog_fxs_pstn_out" outbound_interface="pstn" qvalue="0.1">
        <condition param="transfer" expr="false"/>
        <condition param="sip.in.requestUri.canonical" expr="sip:[\+]?(?:1)?(84835287197|84835287196*)@"/>
        <out_leg name="" media_type="sendrecv">
          <!--The channel group associated to a FXS line has for name the-->
          <!--phone number of that interface-->
          <param name="pstn.out.channelGroup" expr="%0"/>
          <param name="pstn.out.phoneNumber" expr="%0"/>


    Thursday, August 29, 2013 4:06 AM


  • You need to create Dial Plan, configure Voice Policies, PSTN Usage Records, and Voice Routes in Lync Server Control Panel.

    When you create a voice route, you can associate one or more PSTN gateways or SIP trunks with the voice route.


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    Friday, August 30, 2013 7:05 AM