Adaptative Vista?! - It surprises me everyday, but not in a good way.... RRS feed

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  • Every day I open my laptop and I wonder what surprise Vista has for me today...
    Yesterday, all my icons on the desktop disappeared.  Today they are back!
    Today it's Alt-Prt Sc that does not work... Oh well, I'll do it tomorrow :)

    This is the first time I post negatively.  I consider myself technically savvy, I'm an engineer, and I must admit I have been a Microsoft enthusiast all my life.   I even bought Microsoft stocks many years ago.  I have had so many problems with Vista..., especially in the beginning.  Some of the issues I stumbled onto were really caused by not taking the time to learn the specifics of Vista.  But other problems were ridiculous, like when my Logitech Mouse kept freezing until I changed the default mouse pointer... 

    Today I've decided to post, this is my surprise for Vista today LOL
    Hope MS has got Windows 7 right this time.  Last chance guys, if this does not work flawlessly I sell my MS stocks and Notebook and go Apple!
    Good luck!

    Sunday, October 18, 2009 12:05 PM