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  • When I put measures in the columns and do a row totals, it does not give me total at all in ProClarity Professional 6.3 accessing SSAS2005.


    I have read post from this forum and I could not determine the final verdict. They have said that "In AS2000 they used sum() as the total-function but switched to aggregate() when SSAS2005 arrived. " but did not declare that it is wrong and would fix it.  Why?


    Here is my MDX:

    WITH MEMBER [Measures].[ Grand Total] AS 'AGGREGATE( EXISTING INTERSECT( { { EXTRACT( { [Measures].[ProfFeeRevenue], [Measures].[AdminRevenue] }, [Measures] ) } }, { [Measures].[ProfFeeRevenue], [Measures].[AdminRevenue] } ) )', SOLVE_ORDER = 1000

    MEMBER [Employee].[All Employee].[ Grand Total] AS 'AGGREGATE( EXISTING INTERSECT( { { EXTRACT( { [Employee].[All Employee].CHILDREN }, [Employee] ) } }, { [Employee].[All Employee].CHILDREN } ) )', SOLVE_ORDER = 1000

    SELECT { { [Measures].[ProfFeeRevenue], [Measures].[AdminRevenue] }, ( [Measures].[ Grand Total] ) } ON COLUMNS ,

    NON EMPTY { { [Employee].[All Employee].CHILDREN }, ( [Employee].[All Employee].[ Grand Total] ) } ON ROWS

    FROM [Revenue]

    WHERE ( [Engagement].[All Engagement].[>= 40000].[0000070190] )



    Tuesday, December 2, 2008 5:32 PM

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  • I looks like you're trying to total values for two different measures.  Do you want to aggregate ProfFeeRevenue and AdminRevenue together?  If so, I don't believe the tool will let you do that, as adding two measures together wouldn't generally be good data.  Admitedly the UI could handle this better with a notification regarding the totalling of two different measures, but it sounds like that's what you're seeing.


    Wednesday, December 3, 2008 10:35 PM