Restoring Windows XP SP3 backup on SP1 installation causing failure RRS feed

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  • I appreciate any response to this.   I backed up a hard drive which had been upgraded to SP3 over the years with system state.   Drive crashed.   Now I'm trying to restore the backup.   My installation disk is SP1.    I install SP1 to the PC, then try restoring the backup and system state with various settings with only two results.    Either I select not to replace files and the data is restored but the PC does not behave like it did when I originally backed up (data is there but connections are all messed up.

    Or, I select replace files and the backup proceeds missing a few files then results in a corrup Windows install that crashes on each boot.

    The original drive is salvagable enough to do a few more backups, so I can redo the backup if necessary.     What are the correct settings on both the backup and restore to back up SP3 and restore SP3 on top of an installed SP1?   Or do I have to upgrade to SP3, then backup?


    Thanks in advance

    Saturday, January 22, 2011 2:06 PM

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