GPO Group Policy Folder Redirection Refreshing in Background on Windows 10?


  • I noticed files and icons on the desktop disappearing and reappearing periodically.

    I think this is group policy background refresh reapplying the desktop redirection settings.

    Can this be configured to not remove and reapply the policy so users do not temporarily lose access to the files during the background refresh?

    Tuesday, February 09, 2016 3:13 AM


  • Hello,

    As far as I know, only when the GPO changed then it will be reapplied. According to your description, it the GPO is already applied, it should not be refreshed and reapply at background.

    I suspect there is other reason caused the desktop icon disappearing. You may check the event log when the icon disappear to know whether the group policy apply again.


    Yan Li

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    Tuesday, February 09, 2016 8:08 AM