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  • Dear Guru,

    I am a beginner and now I have a task to archive Share Point. Right now we are using Share Point WSS 2.0 on Windows Server 2003. Please advise on the best method to archive it. I have tried to Google and studied for few weeks, but I don't really get what I want yet. Understood that the newer Share Point version have workflow and we can set document retention. So now I have to go through the hard work since the version which we are using doesn’t have that option. Right now I am taking these steps:

    1. List down all the URLs (documents, list, etc) and get the last accessed to determine the item to be archived. I used this syntax to achieve it (I got it after I Google for some times)

    select   case when webs.fullurl = ''  then 'Portal Site'  else webs.fullurl end as [Site Relative Url],  webs.Title As [Site Title],  case tp_servertemplate when 104 then 'Announcement' when 105 then 'Contacts' When 108 then 'Discussion Boards' when 101 then 'Document Library' when 106 then 'Events' when 100 then 'Generic List' when 1100 then 'Issue List' when 103 then 'Links List' when 109 then 'Image Library' when 115 then 'InfoPath Form Library' when 102 then 'Survey' when 107 then 'Task List' else 'Other' end as Type, tp_title 'Title',  tp_description As Description,  tp_itemcount As [Total Item],tp_created, tp_modified, tp_lastdeleted, DayLastAccessed, CONVERT (VARCHAR, DATEADD(d, daylastaccessed, '6/8/2078'), 101) AS DateLastAccessed2, DATEADD(d,DayLastAccessed + 65536,  CONVERT(datetime, '1/1/1899', 101)) AS lastAccessDate from lists inner join webs ON lists.tp_webid = webs.Id  Where tp_servertemplate IN (104,105,108,101,      106,100,1100,103,109,115,102,107,120)  order by tp_id

    The problem here is; there are some lists under http://intranet.abc.com/sg/mis. For example List1, List2, List3. And we have never accessed List1 and List2 for more than 1 year, yet the last accessed date shown as today date, since I accessed List1 today. How to get the last accessed date for List1 and List2 as the daylastaccessed field seems to show at higher level, which is at this level http://intranet.abc.com/sg/mis

    2. Once I have the list, next I have to archive it. I don't know if there is any other way than do it 1 by 1 manually.. For documents ok I can create a map drive and just move it to archive server, though this way is going to take me weeks and very tedious... But how about List? I can't do it 1 by 1 and more over it is like table instead of document. Is there any better way?

    3. Actually before above done, I should have a backup server in case any issue during archiving, but we have tried many methods and until now we still can't restore it yet.. We have Symantec Backup Exec 2010. Do you have a good trick on how to backup and restore this version?

    I know my questions are too much, but please excuse me as I am really not good on this field and I am beginner for Share Point.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.. appreciate it!



    Wednesday, November 18, 2015 10:16 AM