How do I change the schema used by the Lotus Notes MA RRS feed

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    ILM does not allow modifying the Notes schema out-of-the-box since the schema is hard-coded. However, the schema can be modified.

    The Data folder of your ILM installation folder contains a file called lnschema.dsml, wich is the schema that ILM uses for Notes. For example: to add the InternetAddress attribute for group objects to the schema, change the content of the schema file by adding the line

    <attribute ref="#InternetAddress" required="false"/>

    after the lines

    <class id="Group" type="structural">

    After modifying the schema, rebuild your Notes MA from scratch, not from an import file (because it includes the old schema information). After this, you will find the internet address attribute for group objects.

    Note that this change may not be supported by Microsoft and that it complicates installing ILM updates. The solution to the latter is to restore the original schema file before installing any updates and adapting the schema again after the installation. 

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    By: Paul Loonen
    Thursday, June 10, 2010 9:28 PM