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  • Hi,

    If someone could help with this issue that would be great as I'm 21 and nearly all my hair has gone since working on this..

    I have currently got 1 sharepoint site, which is enabled for incoming emails which I know works perfectly fine as I see emails come in and out of the drop folder all the time as I send a lot of reports to Sharepoint document libraries.

    Now the problem I am having is this:

    I have configured a workflow which takes an entry from sharepoint and emails it back into a sharepoint document library elsewhere (On the same sharepoint site). Now the file is being picked up by the workflow quite happily, once it gets picked up and moved by the workflow I receive an email to say it is complete, it also emails back into Sharepoint to a different document library...this is where the problems start.

    I receive the email absolutely fine which tells me I can send and receive email through Sharepoint, Ok. The only problem is, I receive the email but the other email that is suppose to go back into a different document library gets stuck in the Drop folder. These are the only ones that are getting stuck in the drop folder and I have tried so many different techniques of which none work.

    If someone could please help shed some light on this that would be great, if you need any more detail then please let me know. I have checked through the ULS logs and all seems to be fine in there as there are no entries for email.

    Hope you can help me!



    I have fixed this issue now with the help of this post: http://sharepoint-uk.blogspot.co.uk/2008/03/wss-emailing-itself-x-mailer-windows.html

    For 2013 Sharepoint it may be using the Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2010 as the X-Mailer. So you will need to edit your wss.vbs file to suit. I have pasted a copy of mine below.

    <script language="VBScript">
    Sub ISMTPOnArrival_OnArrival(ByVal iMsg, EventStatus )

    if iMsg.Fields("urn:schemas:mailheader:x-mailer") = "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010" then
    end if

    EventStatus = 0
    End Sub

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