Problems on a score card that uses a display condition to show sql server report RRS feed

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    I have a scorecard that has numerous KPIs that I have enabled with a display condition to show various sql server server or analytic chart reports for added detail in another zone.  Clicking on the various KPIs cause the reports to render fine for anyone attempting to view them at this office.  However, we have several managers at another site (same network but different domain) on the east coast and for them, the SQL server reports don't display (Get a "Page cannot be displayed error" where the report should render) when they click on the KPIs.  I have some other reports that are analytic charts also set up with a display condition and these work fine for them.  So, it is only the SQL server reports.  I have these same SQL server reports available to them on the same sharepoint site in various folders, and they are able to access these fine.  I was originally thinking it was some browser setting that they all had, but one of my coworkers from this location went out to the remote location and also couldn't get the SQL server reports on the display condition for the KPIs to work, even though every other part of the dashboard works fine.


    Any thoughts on what this could be?  If not, any suggestions on what error logs or anything I could check to try to get to the bottom of this?


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    Thursday, January 10, 2008 12:13 AM


  • Hello Jay,


    It definitely does seem like a security issue. You may have tried this already, but if not - here's a couple things to try:


    1. Verify user permissions on the PerformancePoint Monitoring and Analytics Dashboard
    Designer for the data source element and related data source elements (namely the SQL Server report). To display
    the permission information, choose the dashboard element from the workspace browser
    (left pane) and select the properties tab in the workspace area. A good, quick test might be to add the individual name of a test user to the permissions and see if that gains them access to the report data.


    2. If per user connectivity has not been setup for PPS, then the application pool account identity for SharePoint will make the connection to the data source (namely the related SQL server report database). This account should have permissions on the related SQL Server database in order to read the data.




    Tuesday, January 15, 2008 4:34 PM