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  • A couple of weeks ago I installed a Windows 7 update....................BAD move!   On reboot my computer refused to boot up past the flashing cursor after the [ha ha] "welcome" screen.   My backups were not accepted and the only thing it offered to restore was an image file of August.   This in spite of having a weekly backup.    My so-called Windows rescue disk and any option for repair was useless, well, it is Windows I guess.   Every avenue that I used was foiled by some Nvidia file not being kosher.   Unfortunately this "file" does not exist on any drive so I guess it must be another bit of MS BS.   Finally I installed another version of Windows 7 Pro on another drive which enable me to use my computer in some fashion although much of my NEEDED files and programs were inaccesible.    While trying to use the installation disk once again to repair my "old" Windows my machine decided to "repair", without any selection from myself, the working Windows installation.   Great!   Now I had another version of Windows which didn't work.   After many attempts to find a internet solution to using "Windows.old" which seemingly require the knowledge of either a brain surgeon or a space engineer, I decided to attempt a simple system restore on an original restore point.   Surprisingly, for Windows, this worked.   However I now have four choices when I boot.   The first choice is  the second install which works ok, if very limited is ok.  the second choice is the original version which, whilst not getting past the cursor, now tells me there is a file userenv.dll which isn't meant for Windows or is corrupt.   Since it is in all Windows\System32 folders I guessed corrupted.   Now we are getting somewhere.................NOT.    There is seemingly no way on God's earth that I am able to delete the suspected corrupt file and/or copy a good file from another drive.    "Trusted Installer" will not allow it in spite of my being the Administrator.   What a botch-up.   Would it not be better if MS got rid of all of the programmers from the Primary School drop-out list and got some who knew something about programming?   Here in my State we have a sewarage works which is named Bolivar.   There are plans afoot to rename it Microsoft Processing but I doubt it will catch on.   Why is such an expensive piece of junk so difficult to work with?    Of course, everything connected with repair, restore etc., work beautifully if one actually has a working OS ...................how puerile.

    Are there any computer-savvy geeks out there who have a solution to this apparently insurmountable problem?
    I would be most obliged........!
    Thursday, December 22, 2011 7:09 AM


  • Hi,

    If you want to restore the old Windows Installation, please refer to the following KB. It also applies to Windows 7.


    Regarding the file you mentioned above, you cannot replace it online. Please run SFC/scannow to check the integrity of system files instead.

    Juke Chou

    TechNet Community Support

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