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  • I wanted to try to publish an application manifest manually, similarly to the way both the MSI virtual application installs and SCCM R2 virtual apps are added, but only for a single user and not globally.

    Posts by Brian (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/appvbeta/thread/8d915714-240c-48f7-976d-f8b8cab412e8/) suggest that it is possible to deploy via SCCM assignments to a user which would only provide the shortcuts to that user.  But it seems that this is not possible.

    In essence, I tested this by creating an MSI and installed it on a client in stand-alone mode.  Tested it.  Worked great.  I uninstalled it, and then modified the MSI to simply remove the "/Global" switch from the custom actions.  This leaves, in essence 
        sftmime /Add Package:[PACKAGE_GUID} /MANIFEST "[manifest_folder_n_file]"
    for the publishing line.

    The result of running this msi is not as expected.  The package was added and loaded into the sft cache.  The shortcuts were not published to this user nor any other on the machine.  Manually locating the osd shows that the application may be run.  The user hive did not have the application listed, nor did the user's "shortcut_ex.dat" have any shortcuts.

    Shouldn't the application publishing to the installing user occur from this step, and if not how does Microsoft propose setting the shortcuts when per-user access is desired?  Posting shortcuts to everyone and then denying access via ACLs is not an acceptable solution.  Yes, I can script up something to publish shortcuts outside of App-V, but the command line syntax should support this operation.

    Or I missed something...

    Tuesday, March 24, 2009 9:42 PM

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  • Hey Tim,
    I was referring to the App-V/SCCM R2 integration advertisements where you seem to be deploying as a regular MSI package. I have not tested that. Is the program configured to run under the executing user's context?
    Wednesday, April 8, 2009 3:09 AM
  • Tim,

    I tested that command line by manually running the registration (without /global) and did got the shortcut as expected.

    Could the problem with MSI be that there's the system (service) component of Windows Installer and it is actually executing this custom action?

    Thursday, April 9, 2009 8:16 AM