Outlook 2013 calendar formatting being stripped by smartphone?


  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a very peculiar issue for a customer that uses a combo of Office 365 with Outlook 2013 which is also synced to Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smartphones. The problem only affects one user so far, but I can't tell what is causing this. Here is the problem:

    This user creates a calendar appointment in their O365 calendar through Outlook 2013. No issues. Appts are synced to the smartphone fine, and everything works great until any kind of edit to the appt is made off the smartphone, namely in adding to the description area of the appt.

    Once the appt that has been edited gets its changes synced back to Outlook, the entire description area font gets changed to a serif style font (not the default Calibri that Outlook uses) and after this happens, ANY formatting changes made on the calendar entry are lost upon being saved from the Outlook side.

    Bolding, italics, highlights - EVERYTHING gets stripped away. It's as if the appt gets changed into text only mode in some way, but I have no idea how to check this. Or why the Android would be changing the appt formatting like this.

    As long as appts are never edited on the smartphone (in the description field), there are no formatting issues.

    Has anyone ever seen this? Any possible fixes I could try? All latest Office 2013 patches are installed and the working environment is Server 2012 being used in Session style RDS deployment.

    Sunday, November 17, 2013 10:54 PM