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  • Gentlemen,

    I'm trying to do an unattended scripted installation of DPM 2012 R2 and VMM 2012 R2. Both are installed on a VM on a 2012 r2 Hyper-V host.

    During the setup I ran into a series of issues tough.

    SQL Server

    My first problem was during the install of SQL server (2012 Standard SP1 x64) where I encountered a setup issue. Apparently the SQL setup.exe does not handle a single string argument well.

    If you run in PowerShell:

    E:\Setup.exe '/Action="Install" /ParameterA=ValueA' ==> thus: setup.exe SingleStringArgument ==> Setup starts but fails. The setup will divide the SingleStringArgument into multiple string arguments. However the setup can NOT handle spaces and thus "Program Files" will be interpreted as two distinct parameters.

    If you run in PowerShell

    $Command = 'E:\Setup.exe /Action="Install" /ParameterA=ValueA'

    cmd.exe /c $Command ==> thus: setup.exe with multiple string arguments ==> The command completes without problem. The same is true for Setup.exe '/ParameterA=ValueA' '/ParameterB=ValueB'.

    This problem did cost me some time.


    The second issue was an unattended installation of VMM 2012 R2. There is a very good TN article out there somewhere describing how this should be done. However when completing the SQL instance name you have to give: SqlInstanceName=<Instancename>,<TCPIPPort> thus the port number has to be separated with a comma instead of a colon.


    For DPM I found something rather strange. When installing DPM 2012 R2 on a Server 2012 R2 manually, meaning that you use the GUI form of the Setup.exe, it is imperative that you did not remove all Firewall rules before. This was the case even with the windows firewall turned off completely. I don't know yet exactly which predefined rule the Setup needs.

    At this point I am completely stuck with the unattended DPM installation, the manual installation works fine but I can't seem to get past the pre-requirement checks with an unattended DPM installation. The Log files tell me the problem lies with the SQL server (on the same system). Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

    • OS: Windows      server 2012 R2
    • DPM: SCDPM 2012      R2 x64
    • SQL: 2012      Standard SP1 x64
    • SQL on a fixed      port, lets say 1111
    • PowerShell      command line based
    • More detailed as

    Furthermore I would like to know why all errors in DPM are called Mojito errors.

    Kind regards,


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