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  • interested to know how many people are getting errors that look like this:

    DNS Server myServer.myDomain.COM is experiencing performance issues.

    to give some background, this alert crops up and closes down, usually within the span of time between the execution and the next execution.  i've looked at all of the performance data on lookups.  it's about what you'd expect.  the server will spike occasionally.  i think the problem, fundamentally, is that the script is timing the nslookup cmd execution.  i can't catch it while it's happening, but i'm presuming that the launch and completion of nslookup in the cmd shell is clearly taking longer than the threshold.  (duh).

    the interval seconds is 900 ... or every 15 mins.  i think that's okay, but this script needs a couple of parameters.
    1. retry
    2. count of retry to equal "good"
    so, say you specify a retry of 5.  you specify the count of retry to 3.  this means in every execution, it would retry the value 5 times.  if it is under threshold 3 of 5 times, it's good.  if not, it's bad.

    anyone else seeing this problem?  has anyone come up with a good way around it?
    Monday, July 6, 2009 9:33 PM


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