update a field in a table based upon a pull down entry in another in lists on SharePoint with Power Apps RRS feed

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  • I have two lists in SharePoint. One field in Table1 is a pull down field with data in Table2. I want some fields in Table1 to be updated with some of the fields information from Table2 based upon the pull-down selection picked in Table1.


    User will select the pull-down in the field of [Customer] in Table1 whose data comes from the [Customer] field found in Table2. I then want the remaining address information to update into the address fields ([Address1],[Address2],[City],[state], etcc) with the associated information from Table2 where the [Customer] name selected in the pull-down matches the [Customer] name from Table2. I have the SQL written in Access but- I have since moved the tables to lists in SHarePoint and am working on making the forms using PowerApps so I can get rid of the Access program and have people use the PowerApp forms instead.

    I found the "patch" function for powerApps, but- 1. not sure how to use it, 2. not sure how to have it called based upon a submit button on a form.

    Any help?

    Saturday, November 10, 2018 2:53 AM


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