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  • 1)      Company [A] has its own AD and they implemented a SharePoint portal

    2)      Now this company [A] bought another company [B] and that company [B] has its own AD

    3)      They established a External Trust between these domains of [A] & [B] and now people of company [B] can browse/access file shares and other resources cross domains

    4)      But company [B] people can’t get into SharePoint portal, they are simply not getting anything when they browse the SharePoint portal hosted on Company [A] server.

    5)      I did nslookup from Company B domain computer and found that IP address and portal address is properly resolved and even did tracert and found its pinging at 3 rd hop.. with 1,2 hops request time out errors.

    6)      The OPS team confirmed that Subnet masks are same for both companies [A] & [B] and DNS are updated properly.

    7)      So I logged into company [B] domain logged in computer and added the Company [A] proxy settings to browser and was able to browse the site with a slower response after an authentication prompt.

     Sunil G

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 7:17 AM

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