windows phone huwaii m883g memory leak Win 8.0 RRS feed

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  • This is a bad problem I reset this phone 3 times allready, once every month, even with the baseline apps this phone will eventually use up all its internal memory even so I have a 16g card and 8 for internal, at some point I have to offload everything and reset it. does anybody have a hack os for this, it takes better pictures than my nikon which I love but in a pinch I use the phone. while I considered paying the  hesfty price for the 40 Megapixel cam, if it does the same memory leak I will take it out to the gun range and make a nice youtube video of it and make it public.

    microsoft phone 40 megapixel- 400$ well 250 on ebay ish.

    one rifle- 75$

    one round- free make myself.

    on youtube video of killing bad phone- priceless.


    personally I am a developer but have not gotten to a point of getting a nice job so just working barely above the wage, so for me this phone a bit pricey, the phone I have now is 200 at the store. I am a developer but this problem is far deeper than I can fix.

    If anybody has a hack for this please post it. thanks

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