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  • Hardware: IBM HS23 Blade, 64Gb Memory, 20 cores (2x10). 2x1 Tb Raid 1 SAS drives.

    I get the HS23 set up and configured with HYPER-V server 2012, set up connectivity, etc.  So far, everything is running perfect.  I boot up HYPER-V manager on a another system (running Win 8.1).  The hosts file already has the IP address for one of the NICs of the HS23 (it has 2 physical NICs, both set up with static IP's), so it has NO TROUBLE finding the blade server using the NetBIOS name ("HS23-3"), and immediately connects.  So far all is well.

    I then set up a plain-Jane external virtual switch.  OK

    Then, I get into installing a virtual 2012 server, and this is where everything goes downhill.

    I set up the server with basic settings, and pop in an .ISO image for the server and START the VM.  4 CPUs, 4Gb, 40Gb HD, etc.  I connect the system to the virtual switch I created earlier.  3 minutes later it still won't connect, it simply displays the "VM" background image.  When I try to reset the VM, it never leaves the "stopping" state - gets stuck.  Even after I reboot the blade, it's still there - I can't connect to it, delete it, or anything.  I've now reinstalled Hyper-V three times, and not to brag (really!) I've done this dozens of times without any problems like this before, including on two other HS23 blades (guess their names:  HS23-1 & 2!).  Any ideas?  I'm not even getting an error message - Hyper-V manager simply reports that the VM state is "stopping" and then quits completely.

    I can no longer reach the blade through hyper-v manager, it's still there but will not allow me to do anything.  even though there are options for me to create or import a vm, the original failed VM is still listed and any additional attempts to create another one fail.
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