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  • I get the idea of them but I keep reading that they are not to be used to replace back ups which I understand but was setting up a new virtual domain controller yesterday and I came across this MS article and it says:

    • Do not take or use a Snapshot of a virtual domain controller. It is technically supported with Windows Server 2012 and newer, it is not a replacement for a good backup strategy. There are few reasons for taking DC snapshots or restoring the snapshots

    I thought a snapshot or checkpoint would be good to use before applying updates and rebooting the domain controller but after reading that they seem a bit useless on a DC

    Wednesday, June 12, 2019 2:30 PM


  • Checkpoints are for short-term protection only. A checkpoint loses value every moment that it exists. They do not replace backups because a backup creates a duplicate of data. Checkpoints place new information in a walled garden and duplicate nothing.

    If your environment has exactly one domain controller, then you can "safely" checkpoint it -- "safely" meaning that it has the same risk of data loss as any other checkpointed VM but no worse. If your domain has more than one domain controller, then checkpoints are dangerous and unnecessary. Stagger patching through the domain controllers. If a patch set blows a domain controller out, first try reverting the patch. If it's still broken, decomm and replace it.

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