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  • I have three Windows services that I cannot start- AST service, Windows event logging service, and the Diagnostic policy service.  I became aware of the failure of the AST service when I was unable to install a Photoshop plugin, Colortune 3 from Ononesoftware. The AST service is necessary for validation of the software and background services that allow it to run.  I checked out the Windows event logging service because information from the Internet suggested that it was necessary for function of the AST service.  I became aware of the failure of the Diagnostic policy service when I first got my present computer about 2 months ago. I was able to establish an ethernet connection to my DSL router but it takes about 2 minutes after windows boots before a connection is made. I felt that this was too long an interval and attempted to use the windows troubleshooterwhich of course would not work.  Could failure of these three services have a common cause?  All of the services are set to start automatically but do not and they cannot be manually started either.  attempts to start the AST service yields the error code 1717 and attempts to start the Windows event logging service produces the 4205 error code.  The information in the control panel services dialog does not led me to a solution.  I have a Dell Studio XPS machine that is about 2 months old.  It has an Intel Core7-960 3.2 GHz quad processor with 8 GB of RAM.  Windows 7 Ultimate came preinstalled.  Any help you can provide in resolving my issues will be greatly appreciated.
    Saturday, June 19, 2010 3:29 AM

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