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  • Hello;

    Since first installing Windows 7 a few days after the launch last October, I have been fighting with Apple iTunes. It seems that every application I own, except one; Apple iTunes 9 will install and run properly on Windows 7 (Ultimate).

    The errors I had were varied: Most of the time the install would complete, but when I tried to run iTunes, I would get Error 7 with a message to re-install iTunes. This of course did no good, even though I had gone through the system (including the registry) with a FTC to remove all instances of itunes and all of its related precesses.

    Another install failed because Quicktime was not installed. That one only happened to me over the past couple of days; not during the original attempts back in October.

    Now finally, after 9 months of frustration and trying to figure out who to blame; Apple or Microsoft, I have found my solution.

    What I have found is this: if you install iTunes 9 on Windows 7 immediately after installation of Windows 7; that is, before you install any of the automatic updates to Windows, iTunes 9 will install and run properly.
    Note that I did tick "run as administrator" and "Windows XP SP3" on the compatibility tab. I wasn't sure whether I really needed this or not, but after about half a dozen installs and uninstalls over the past few days, I wasn't going to take any chances.

    I don't know which Microsoft Windows update it is that caused the problem with iTunes, but now that I have my "golden" copy of Windows 7 and all of the apps (including iTunes) that I use every day, I am going to create an image on a set of DVD's, so next time I need to re-install Windows 7 I can simply restore the image.

    I did have iTunes coexisting nicely with Windows 7 for a long time, but since I had to re-install a few days ago, I figured that I would save time and use the image file. But unfortunately, my image was burned too early, and only contained Windows 7 (with the Microsoft updates), and not iTunes. This is why I suddenly had trouble again after so long.

    I don't know whether any of you having trouble with iTunes on Windows 7 have the luxury of re-installing from the original DVD, but I figured I would share my victory in the war between Microsoft and Apple.

    Honestly, I believe that the blame should go to both Apple and Microsoft for not providing a fix for this problem. It's not as though iTunes 9 was one of those minor apps used by only a small group of people.

    Then, I don't know whether or not everyone who has installed the automatic updates on Windows 7 is having this problem. Perhaps it is something that is specific to my system. Maybe one of the automatic updates that is applied (and prevents iTunes from working properly) is related to my Asus motherboard, or my BFG NVidia card.

    What I should have done last year after I finally got iTunes working was to document the process. I knew somewhere in my mind that I needed to install iTunes immediately after installing Windows (actually, I did install Microsoft Security Essentials first), but I had failed to document the trouble back then, and thus wasted a lot more time this week.

    I hope that this helps anyone else who is just about to install Windows 7 and iTunes, or who has to do a complete re-install.

    Good luck


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  • Hi.

    Yes . very strange problem .

    iTunes 9 and Quicktime are working perfectly with OS 7 .

    iTunes 9 installs with "free" copy of Quicktime and installs it with it .


    If some one have thous strange problems .. you can do couple of standard things like :

    1) Install all UP TO DATA drivers (From Microsoft or from mather board comp.).

    2) Install it with the computability option .

    3) Check the add and remove programs for the anther apple soft.

    4) Clean registry.


    There is no "war" with apple ... its just rumors :) .

    Microsoft will never block so popular soft like itunes for some name brand or war .

    All software are wrote to the same standards like office/skype/icq/nero  etc.,


    Theres no fix to that problem :) its just you doing something wrong .... i had that problem with XP ... and the error was : "cant start process "...." " the fix were : Go to "Services" and start this process :)



    Good luck :)

    Saturday, July 17, 2010 8:10 PM
  • Hi Track7,


    Thanks for sharing your experience in forums.


    Regarding installing iTunes 9 on Windows 7, I wouldl like to supplement the following tips:


    1.     iTunes 9 is compatible with Windows 7, you could check in Windows 7 Compatibility Center.

    2.     If you encounter problems on installing iTunes on Windows 7, you can take the following steps to troubleshoot the problem:


    1)    Ensure that you download the latest version of iTunes from Apple.

    2)    Clean Boot your system to perform the installation.

    3)    Run the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool to remove specific, prevalent malicious software from computers before installing iTunes.

    4)    Refer to the following apple’s KB:


    iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows 7: Troubleshooting unexpected quits, freezes, or launch issues


    Please note: we provide the third party link for technical use only. There may be some changes without notice, Microsoft doesn’t guarantee any accuracy on contacting information.


    Hope these information can help more communities.


    Best Regards


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