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  •  Dear Forum,

     The Compatibility Troubleshooter thinks an Intel i5-3750 is an AMD64.

     The Compatibility Wizard has worked for me in the past, but now it
     seems to be needing an update, or a fix, or something.

     The Compatibility Troubleshooter wizard is started by doing a right
     mouse on the (*.exe) file, then properties, then Compatibility tab.

       Collection information
       Computer Name:  DUDLEY2-PC
       Windows Version: 6.1
       Architecture: amd64  <- - - - - - - - - - - - What is this ?
       Time: Sunday, June 16, 2013 11:56:32 AM

     I get to support older applications.

     At the moment I have two Windows-7 pro 64-bit computers sitting
     beside each other.

     The Compatibility wizard on the newer computer doesn't seem to
     do as well as the one from back in 2011.

     Access 2003 compress and repair utility runs Much slower on New computer.

     One is a dual processor from 2005, and the other is a new i5-3570.

     On the older dual core system: Ms-Access 2003 finishes compacting
     and repairing of a 1005 megabyte database down to 600 megabytes in
     about five minutes.

     On the newer i5-3570 system the same process runs for over 30 minutes
     before it finishes the same compacting and repairing function.  

     However, it should be noted, for other Access 2003 activities, such as
     complex SQL queries,  or complex VBA code, the newer i5-3570 is faster.

     When comparing task manager behavior from the two systems, when
     compacting and repairing, the older dua-core system the CPU percent
     time changes constantly from 10 thru 50 before finishing.

     On the newer Intel i5-3570 system (ASRock Extreeme6), the Compact and
     Repair starts off OK, then when the DB1.mdb, aka the temp database, file
     is over 195 megabytes in size, then the pattern of the CPU times jumps
     down to zero then up to some low number briefly to 3, or 4, then back
     down to zero for several minutes at a time.

     I let it run to see if it would ever finish.  It did some 30 minutes later.

     It seems the Access 2003 'Compact and Repair Database' feature has some
     how been crippled on the newer computer.

     So on the surface there seems to be two problems, or maybe one caused
     the other problem.

     Any help to get around this will be greatly appreciated.



    Sunday, June 16, 2013 8:27 PM