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  • We are using DPM 2010 to backup folders and want to backup a portion of a file system volume.

    Question 1:  Is there a way to get a list of files that DPM has backup up?  There is the volume listed in the monitoring report but not the list of files that it backed up.

    Question 2 What are the nuances of backing up a file volume and selecting thingfs with the checkboes.  For example



    Scenerio 1 Backup the whole volume.  This is easy all files in the volume are backed up.  Any changes are automatically picked up.

    Scenerio 2 Select the whole volume but unslect FolderA checkbox.  Any new file or folder created under Vol1 will be backed up with the exceptopn of any existing file or folder or any new file or folder added to FolderA?

    Scenerio 3 Do not select the whole volume, Do not select FolderA, select FolderB and Folder C.  Everything existing and added in FoldersB and FolderC will be backed up but nothing else?

    Is this how it is working.

    My conceran is mainly when new files or folders are added.





    Saturday, November 6, 2010 5:59 PM


  • Hi Don,

    DPM 2010 will backup the volume / folder(s) as you decribed and any new files added to the protected volume / folder will get picked up automatically.  DPM does not generate lists of files it backs up like conventional backup programs because for disk to Disk backups we typically only bring over block level changes.  So each synchronization will bring over changed blocks of file data, and apply them to the replica. Then a recovery point it created at some point of time and that is what can be restored. The files backed up and restorable are shown under the recovery tab.

     DPM 2010 will provide an alert with an exception list of files that it cannot back up, so basically if the backup job was successful and no alert (exception list) was generated, then all files under the selected volume / folders are protected.   Same is true for tape only backups, the recovery tab is your backup list and again if we failed to backup a file, an exception will be created and you can click on it to see the files skipped and investigate why DPM could not back them up.



    Regards, Mike J. [MSFT] This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Sunday, November 7, 2010 9:43 PM