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  • Vista Business (64-bit)


    The introduction of displaying text with "fuzzy edges" results in the eyes having a hard time
    focusing on the text and the reading gets slower. It also puts a lot of strain on the eyes.

    As an example, the font Calibri is very hard to read in all messages since the edges
    around each letter or number are too fuzzy.

    The best way to help the eyes to focus better are a clean edge and a sharp contrast between
    black and white of any text.


    Workaround: None available or known



    I have tried changing the ClearType setting in the desktop appearance but it does not work. I have also tried to change some settings manually in the Registry (FontSmoothing, FontSmoothingGamma, FontSmoothingOrientation and FontSmoothingType). Nothing works.


    Is there a way to adjust this setting to better suite my needs?

    Sunday, November 2, 2008 8:04 PM