Trying to create a virtual disk for VDI


  • We have Windows 10 installed on a PC and I have installed all applications on it. I need to convert this to a Virtual PC so I can use as my virtual desktop for Citrix.

    I tried running the disk2vhd and it did convert and the size of the coverted disk is 34.3 GB. But, I want only 80GB partition on C and 80 GB on D drive. Should I go ahead and resize it or when I import this VHDX file into VMWare will it go back to the regular size? I am just trying to understand as I am doing this for the first time.  Please see attached the images.

    Also, my second question is how do I import this to VMWare and make it as a virtual machine?


    Thursday, April 11, 2019 4:22 PM